Speaker 1 – Amritanshu Dutta – Who is he?

Amritanshu Dutta


With 2018 just around the corner and giving us all new hopes, we have an awesome conference coming up on the 27th January 2018.
Welcome 2018 together with us at #TEDxPariChowk. With our unique and lively theme of Celebrating Life, we hope to see you all there.
Book your passes and get excited because TEDxPariChowk is going to one of a kind conference. Apart from basking in the glorious winter sun and doing a lot of amusing Adventure activities, TEDxPariChowk has an incredible speaker line up for you. In a series of blog starting from this, we’ll be dedicating one post to each of our speakers. Stay tuned to us for awe-inspiring and innovative talks.


All he required was an opportunity to substantiate himself, to know his extremes, to investigate the potential outcomes and an enthusiasm so effective which would lead him to the way of accomplishment. From engineering to photography, he had done tried and tested everything except what extremely fulfilled his spirit, music. The connection with music was always there, but Amritanshu Dutta discovered his love for music in a unique manner. He began making some lovely music to feed his soul. From playing at his college to the stage of a celebrated reality show Dil Hai Hindustani, his journey has been a long one. With the battles he experienced to influence individuals to comprehend the significance of an instrumentalist and getting to be noticeably outstanding amongst other instrumentalists we have today in our nation, he never lost he connect with music. Realizing the bitter truth that instrumentalists are not given the equal appreciation in our country, he continued in this endeavor. Walking through the downfalls, achieving success, facing criticism and feeding the soul with his love for music, Amritanshu has a special story to impart. Let’s hear him out at TEDxPariChowk’18.

Find your passes at www.tedxparichowk.com


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