Speaker 2 – Ambika Agarwal | Who is she?

This is the season of celebrations and weddings too! While the world sings the jingle bells, here in India, we are also dancing to dhols and baajas, making us all groove in weddings.
Weddings in India are a huge affair. What do you enjoy most about a wedding? The brilliant décor, the scrumptious food, the pleasant vibe, the gorgeous bride and the handsome groom looking perfect for their day or something else? Although the rituals and traditions vary from culture to culture, one thing that unifies all weddings in India is the fact that weddings are a glorious occasion of celebration for the couple and for the two families as well. But what goes behind the picture-perfect day is an untold story.

Ambika Agarwal started out her life journey and experimented various fields of interests until she found the profession which appealed to her the most. Currently, the head of a successful firm called The A Cube Project which designs weddings in uniquely fantastical ways, Ambika will join us on TEDxPariChowk as a speaker and share her story.
No, this will not just be like “Band, Baaja, Baraat” because for Ambika and her team, wedding planning is just a part of the whole affair. The A Cube Project team designs weddings, create experiences and crafts golden memories that everyone will cherish throughout their lives. To plan, manage and execute awesomeness to the biggest day of a couple’s life is the aim of their team. But wait, all good things come at a price and here the price is hard work and immense efforts. Sounds a bit twisted? Well, let’s hear from Ambika Agarwal about her journey into this interesting profession and what it takes to add happiness and celebration into a wedding.

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