Speaker 3 – Mihir Koltharkar | Who is he?

Imagine if you could increase your business by a thousand dollars, or a million dollars that too without increasing your manpower or investing in technology? Isn’t the idea exciting?  How would you approach to this target?

You would obviously start with focusing on the most important assets in your organization – the People. If they could consistently perform better, reduce the friction, then any business is bound to grow at a faster pace.

Here’s another interesting thought! What if some professional expert could get it done for you in an accelerated way? A professional who is equally passionate about your growth – a professional and reliable Training Partner.
Sounds too good to be true? Well, that where 24 Karat Training comes in to the picture!

24 Karat Training is founded by extremely committed, result-oriented and competent training maestro – Mihir Koltharkar. The name 24 Karat signifies ‘Highest Quality’ and ‘Purity’ in Training and specializes in delivery of courses related to Sales, Service, Management and Leadership.

Mihir Koltharkar is a highly accomplished and a renowned International Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with a rich experience spanning for seventeen years. He has helped companies to improve their business performance through his High Quality, High Value Training and Coaching sessions.
As an internationally recognized trainer in Sales, Service and Leadership Strategies, Mihir delivers in his unique and engaging way, the powerful principles which can accelerate organizational growth. He has a proven track record of growing the organizational revenues spanning Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Consulting, Real Estate, Contact Centers, Facilities Management and many more. He has successfully conducted 2000+ sessions in seven countries. 

Thousands have been inspired and motivated to take charge of creating the desired results. Mihir knows how to bring out the best in people whether it is through an individual coaching session to discuss business and life challenges or through training sessions which bring out the transformation! Currently pursuing his PhD and a recent author of a book titled “Double Your Sales!”, Mihir has already won over many educational qualifications including MBA, NLP, Six Sigma, PMP and others.

Excited to hear what his talk is going to be about? Well, just a head’s up for you all. Mihir is taking the entire HR industry through a revolution and to witness the how, why and where of the interesting transformation, you ought to hear his talk. So, book your seats for TEDxPariChowk now!

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