Speaker 4 – Sheetal Agarwal | Who is She?

Doing something that you have never imagined for yourself and helping others with it is something like finding a precious gem or a reason to live.

Sheetal Agarwal, an ordinary girl from the crowd of millions realized where her heart lied and embraced a profession that involves helping people and bringing a smile on their face. Sheetal Agarwal is a social anthropologist by training, a lecturer by profession and a BIG clown at heart and emotion. She believes in smiling even in the darkest times of life, fighting everything with a smile and fostering courage that can beat any devil in life.

This spirit of facing everything in life with a big smile and never losing hope made Sheetal Agarwal start a unique and funny volunteer group known as ‘Clownselors’. This is a group that attempts to spread a smile on the faces of the ailing and convalescing children. Clownselors interact with ailing children and entertain them under the medical clowning therapy that is used to reduce anxiety and pain using comicality. Sheetal Agarwal with everlasting smile wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who are fighting with death and can’t find a single reason to smile or celebrate. Sheetal Agarwal becomes a Joker to help patients to smile in a moment of pain.

Sheetal Agarwal came up with the idea of ‘Clownselor’ by a chance, the idea was highly liked by her family and with the help of her brother she was able to get a permit from the government to perform this activity, called Clownseling. The locus of the whole Clownseling is to de-stress ailing children, their parents and the staff of the hospital with a big red nose, wigs, balloons and painted faces. Sheetal Agarwal’s attempt to bring a smile on ailing people has been helpful and brought a new wave of change and treatment in the medical field.

Let’s witness together how Sheetal Agarwal would bring us a smile to our faces at the TEDxPariChowk stage.

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