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Ideas Are Bulletproof


We, humans, are more than just skin and blood, we are an entire universe, waiting to be discovered but at the same time trying to fit in a single world. Too scared to be declared as maniacs, we hide the very essence that builds our identity, our thoughts, and ideas!

So scared, that we forget to explore the power of ideas that lies within us. A power that can unite a state or divide two countries, a power that can calm an uprising or start a war, a power that can change the world.

All you need to do is look within your mind.

But just having an idea didn’t make Gandhi ‘Mahatma’, or separate Newton from all the others that sat under the same apple tree. It was more than their idea; it was their courage to share it. What was behind the origin of language? Behind the revolutions that created wars and creations that healed the damage?

The questions are many, but the answer is simple. One word, three syllables: just an idea. 

Your thoughts, emotions, ideas, stories, however illogical or embarrassing, make you who you are. The decisions you are proud of and a few dark secrets you hide from all. 

You are your mind and your soul.

Even if someone tries to snatch away everything that you own, your identity, no one will still be able to steal you from you. No one can ever take away or destroy the power you possess in your mind.

If you just stop, anywhere, in a park or classroom or even the road, you’ll see inventions, quotes, theories, and beliefs. You probably won’t know who invented the very first vehicle, who started the tradition of marriage, or who deemed some behaviors socially fit or unfit, but these social norms, inventions, superstitions, beliefs, theories, and habits rule your life.

People die. Names fade away. But ideas? They don’t have a lifespan. They aren’t limited by mortality. They just need a shield against the harsh world. Fortunately, even a sliver of belief makes an impenetrable armor.

No sword can slay something that doesn’t have a mortal form. No bullet can penetrate a body that does not exist. For better or for worse, no one can kill an idea, as long as one believes.

As a wise, albeit fictional, anarchist comic book character once said, “Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea… And ideas are bulletproof.”

-Devika Saxena

Is ignorance really bliss?

Sitting in a park, thoughts muddled with the stress over the amount of work I have left, I saw a girl riding down a slide and comfortably crashing into a mud puddle. She and her three little friends burst out laughing. The adorableness of this cut through the worried thoughts racing through mind – ‘that dress is going to be really hard to clean!’ ‘The wet dress may just get her sick in this weather!’

But did they care? No. And why would they? They didn’t know the effort that would into cleaning it; their minds too little to even consider how she might fall ill. Their ignorance allowed them to enjoy a small moment that, in turn, gave me a dose of anxiety.

Is that the key to happiness? Is that what we’re missing – the innocence and ignorance? But is it even possible to attain happiness by disregarding the consequences? Childhood was the time of unbridled laughs and giggles, but is that real happiness?

Relationships, college, exams, work, bosses, assignments, peer pressure, family issues are all that plagues our minds. As children, we were free from all of those, but were we happy even when they didn’t exist? Didn’t we still find reasons to be sad and worried?

As a child, I would have cried if my pretty dress got spoilt; she didn’t. Maybe because she is a child yet to understand the difficulties of life, or maybe that’s just the way she is – she chose happiness.

She could worry about being embarrassed in front of her friends, or dent her bicycle, or even getting scolded by her parents, yet she chose happiness. 

In essence, life is nothing but the choices we make. Yes, it has real struggles. All of us face them, as hungry babies, exploring toddlers, caged individualities, self-conscious teens, wandering graduates, and worried adults.

So when did ignorance ever give us happiness? It gave us ease, at best and blurred perspectives.

But happiness? Real happiness? That’s a choice. It doesn’t come by ignoring problems expecting them to fix themselves or to simply cease existing, but by solving them on our terms.

On some days, our problems will not have a solution. But that just means that they’re not problems – they’re light nudges that are meant to steer us down a different path. Different? Yes. Bad? Only if you make it. Can’t you find bliss in despair, little moments? Little things?

As an aged wise headmaster of a magical school once told a young orphaned wizard, “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

-Devika Saxena

Artificial Intelligence: Fear or Future?

Ask people what is Artificial Intelligence and you won’t get two same answers. Some will name sci-fi films and some will name search engines. The variation in the meanings derived from one simple word is alarming, but the concern here is not just about awareness but about the fundamental approach to the supposed symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

Artificial intelligence had its firm roots in Science fiction and fantasy way before it sprung up to reality, feasibility and possibility. Thus our first impression of AI is subconsciously derived from the terror these tales orchestrated. The oldest was Frankenstein, an artificial life form, created through forbidden procedures, which ends up devouring his creator. Then there are movies like Ex Machina that chill you to the bone.  Though there were positive characters like C-3PO from star wars and Astro boy, they could not win against Terminator and the Skynet.

Another interesting idea derived from movies like the Age of Ultron is the idea of putting humankind’s future, the planet’s future in the hands of AI. Though the icons were antagonists, the philosophy seems logical as, in the last 500 years, we plundered the planet of its life. So the perks of putting our future into a more sensible, sophisticated, and rational source code that doesn’t discriminate basis on origins, vendetta and beliefs are quite obvious. The fact that it will always be free of human bias is a trump card.

But bias is what makes us human. Emotional intelligence provides a wide array of actions based on personal judgment, morale, love, and compassion. An AI cannot provide that with any level of programming. The AI can select an optimal candidate for a job based on his qualifications, or find a solution to a complex problem. But, without empathy, the humanitarian grounds will never be considered. A person’s character won’t be assessed. Need will never be, over the deserved. The solution may be the most effective but may also be the most brutal and inhumane. The ill-fated shall remain the same.

The humankind has an adaptive learning method. We evolve from the mistakes we make. We alter the optimum to attain satisfaction and the freedom of choice.

Most successful and promising checkpoints in our history are guided by our gut. Yes, the Gut feeling.

AI could be an exoskeleton for the old, a companion for the blind, a superhuman ability, an interactive social persona for the depressed and much more. Rather than thinking of AI as a competition to our race, we can accept it as the tool it already is. 

Dependence is an underrated phenomenon. We depend on our parents, our community, and our social influences. Why is dependence on Artificial intelligence a cause for terror? It’s just that, however, if it goes down an ugly path, we should not forget that somewhere, some human stirred it. After all, we created it.

AI isn’t a threat. The bigger threat lies in our mind. In our perception and reception of all that’s in and around us.

-Harsha Madhu

Stories Worth Sharing

We are made of stories. Every man has a story, and every man is a listener. Always interested in others’ stories rather than creating his own. Interested in only knowing others’ journeys rather than learning from them. TEDx gives you 18 minutes to listen to the person on the stage sharing his story, but it’s not so that we can entertain you; it is because we have faith that you will be inspired.

The TEDx platform gives you the experience of losing yourself in another’s world. It’s what happens when people are not merely seeking entertainment, but when they slip into another person’s reality. The exceptional speakers that step onto the TEDx stage understand the power of stories, which is why they tell you theirs, so you may experience in a few minutes what they have in a lifetime.

We tell stories to avoid boredom. We tell them to our peers to entertain, we tell them to children to teach, and we tell them to ourselves to believe. Our speakers are experienced storytellers. They give you an entertaining, factual story riddled with quips, that wards off boredom. They make storytelling fun.

But like any true storyteller, they understand that stories are more than a pastime, that they hold a power like none other. These speakers wield this power to take you with them on a journey in hopes to inspire you.

These stories can make you wonder, make you imagine, and make you change. They will make you look at reality through a new lens. And they may just inspire you to share yours.

We just want to share these stories, these facts, these experiences, these ideas on this social platform, to bring people together to make them look at life with a new lens.

We are nothing more than our stories. And our stories are worth sharing.


What is TEDxPariChowk?

TEDx talks represent more than just life stories or achievements; they represent the spirit of ideas. Ideas that transform lives. Ideas that need to be shared with the world. Ideas that inspire. The TED talks stage represents inspiration itself. Whether the person on there is Shahrukh Khan, Elon Musk, or someone whose name you’ve never heard. They’re each there because they have something to say, something that needs to be heard, and something that inspires masses.

TEDxPariChowk represents the very meaning of #IdeasWorthSharing. We are celebrating the ideas that have transformed our society and our world. The community here, in Greater Noida, is unique, one that consists of highly experienced individuals and students. Greater Noida is our home, and one that we believe can truly be a great one. With our event, we hope to start a dialogue that will harmonize our community and enable us all to work together to make it the best one.

So this coming January, we want to celebrate more than just a festival, we want to celebrate the human spirit.

We are working on bringing you the best stories and people, to create an event that is worthy of the TEDx stage. But, we need your contribution. We are asking you for your TIME. In any manner that suits you. If you can help us connect with companies or people who want to help us, volunteer with us, or even simply click on the share button, we’d appreciate it.  Help us reach out to the people in your community.

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